Friday, November 11, 2011

Hardanger tablecloth {completed work}

Finally, I finished Hardanger tablecloth. When I look back in my posts I started doing this one in May, so it took me 1/2 year to make it. The tablecloth measures about 1,3m x 2,4m and it has the embroidery in the centre. As it is so big, the emmbroidery looks tiny, but in fact it required quite a lot of work to finish it.

I have always the same problem with stitching that I think it will be something fast and simple and it turns out quite the opposite. But hey, we're not doing this to make the time records, right? I spent good time working on this one and this is what counts.

I still have this red fabric in my stash, so will make more of such goodies, but this time wil need to think of other pattern. I'm also planning to make some sort of border around the edges.

And I just finished this tablecloth in time to link it to Celebrate Color that finishes this month.


  1. It's beautiful Paulina! Well done on finishing it, I think you've finished it really quickly!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. What precise and lovely workmanship! Congratulations on finishing it.

  3. Nice work! I need to get a hardanger piece going again. It's been a while...

  4. Thank you all for nice comments! It's good motivation to start on another embroidery :)


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