Monday, October 31, 2011

All goes well till the thread runs out

Today was the perfect day for sewing. Almost. I had a day off from my work, my son was with his grandparents, husband went for mountain walking. There was just me and my sewing machine. All went well till I run out of the thread. Is there some Murphy's law like that? I bet there is. Anyway, today I felt much better when quilting. It wasn't such a chaos like I felt the first time. It is still very hard for me to finish a big quilt like this, but at least I wasn't thinking what the heck am I doing. :)

It's far from being perfect - I can see it's hard for me to push the fabric, so the machine could make even stitches. So, there are places where the stitches are long as should, but some where they are very short as the fabric didn't move properly. And I put the blame for that on me (not machine).

So, the quilt is stil in progress and now awaits for a new thread, but it doesn't mean I have nothing to do. I'm going to learn something new and here is the sampler piece I'm working on now to get the idea. When I do some practice on this I will move on to make the bigger piece. Do you know what I have in my mind? :)


  1. I'm no expert on quilting, but I think the problem with your stitch length and having to pull the fabric through the machine is down to your machine foot. You really need a walking foot for straight line quilting, it makes the stitch length perfectly even

  2. Hi Wendy,
    thanks for your comment. Well, I have walking foot - without this one I guess it would be a total disaster. When I was sewing I felt that when a larger piece of quilt hang down the table then if I didn't help the machine to move forward it kept sewing with smaler stitches. I believe this is me that needs some practice to work with such piece of fabric.


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