Monday, September 14, 2015

Yummy Felt Corn

Wow, my pincushion that I linked to Sew Can Do Craftastic Monday last week is featured today there :)! That's a very nice start of the week. So, let's continue the fun and I'm linking today's post to Craftastic Monday Party as well.

The past week I ended up in working with 4 sewing / embroidery projects, which is way too many with so little time I can squeeze. That's why I'm very happy I finished this one on Saturday. And I realized it took me 1,5 month to finish that! It's felt corn on the cob.

As I already mentioned in one of the posts, I fell in love a bit with making felt food. I made some and my son, Franek, was enthusiatic about it, so it was a very good reason for me to carry on. Per his request my next project had to be corn. I found a gorgeous tutorial on While Wearing Heels blog, where the corn looks like a real one. The way kernels are made is very time consuming but worth the effect.

I had to make some changes in sewing the leaves though. In the tutorial, the corn and leaves are sewn together and Franek wanted them to be separate - after all, you don't cook corn with leaves, so they had to be removeable :). This is how it turned out.

In July I got two books about felt food (and not only) as my birthday gift, so stay tuned for more felt stuff here.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cathedral Window Pincushion II

On the previous post I showed you my first try on the cathedral window. I liked it so much that I decided to practice it further with second pincushion, this time with brown and blue combination of colors. Of course I used my scraps to do this one as well.

I think this one will become a gift for my mum. Many years ago when I was in primary school I made heart-shaped pincushion for her and recently she has mentioned it was one of the most useful things I made at school :). She still has this one and uses it, so I believe she'll be happy with the new one.

Oh, and do you know what happened to the pincushion from the previous post? Franek, my 6-year old son, took it and claimed it would be his pillow. Well, I think I'll just go on and practice cathedral window a little bit more :)

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Cathedral Window Pincushion

Yesterday, I had a very successful day when it comes to sewing because I was able to finish what I started to do. It required the older son to leave the house with his dad and the younger son to fall asleep :).

I did the cathedral window pincushion. It's been a while I wanted to try cathedral window and such small project as pincushion sounded perfect for a start. I found gorgeous tutorial from My Go-Go Life that you can find here on Craftsy. And it's perfect to use scraps. I know I'll have to pratice the catherdral window much more, so I'm more satisified with the result. That's why probably I'll make one more pincushion and then I have a plan to make a pillow using this technique.

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