Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cathedral Window Pincushion II

On the previous post I showed you my first try on the cathedral window. I liked it so much that I decided to practice it further with second pincushion, this time with brown and blue combination of colors. Of course I used my scraps to do this one as well.

I think this one will become a gift for my mum. Many years ago when I was in primary school I made heart-shaped pincushion for her and recently she has mentioned it was one of the most useful things I made at school :). She still has this one and uses it, so I believe she'll be happy with the new one.

Oh, and do you know what happened to the pincushion from the previous post? Franek, my 6-year old son, took it and claimed it would be his pillow. Well, I think I'll just go on and practice cathedral window a little bit more :)

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  1. I love pincushions, and this one is so pretty, both the shape and the colours. I've got one myself, got it in the pincushion swap I'm in.


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