Friday, June 8, 2012

Sashico pillow - hanazashi stitch

Here's the second Sashico pattern I finished recently. It's called hanazashi, which means flower stitch. This is the second Sashico pillow I made. I thought of making a pair that would be made the same style, but still remain different. I'm glad how it came out and I think this embroidery is great to decorate the house.

Now, I will make a break with it but it looks great to me so for sure I'll come back to it once and will try other patterns. There are plenty of them and they can be used in many different combinations.

There are a couple books about Sashico, the one I decided to buy for myself was "The Ultimate Sashico Sourcebok" of Susan Briscoe. To me it contains all that book about embroidery should have:

  1. some information about the origins and the history of the embroidery - in fact in this book it is very detailed, including many photos of some old things made with Sashico
  2. part about tools, fabrics, threads needed
  3. various examples and projects where Sashico can be used - coasters, table mat, greeting cards, curtains
  4. finally, the list of all the various patterns

If someone wabts to try out these patterns, then this book will be a good source. Though, I had to read the info on how to make the patern a couple times before I figured out all about it. Once I did for one it was fine for the second as well.


  1. It looks great! did you use evenweave fabric as all of your lines are perfectly straight? I have that book on my wishlist.

    1. Hi Wendy, thanks. I bought once the fabric in the local store with fabrics for curtains. I made roman shade out of it and thought of doing pillows to match. So, it's not a fabric dedicated for embroidery but yes - it looks it's evenweave and it was easier to make these patterns on it for sure.


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