Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First quilt! {drum rolls please}

Ok, here's the last thing from 2011 I'm left to show here and officially tell - It is finished. My very first quilt!

This quilt is not perfect. This quilt doesn't know what it means. And it says - I'm proud of it! And I say - this is my dear, lovely first quilt I made.

As most things it took me a while to have it done. The blocks were made during P2 Patchwork Quilt Along. There was one block per week and somehow I kept the pace, so this piece went quite well. But then, as I decided to make the quilt a bit differently I slowed down ... really, really slowed down. Anyway, it's done now and covers bed in one room.

I'm truly happy with this quilt. I learnt a lot when doing this and I know it's something I enjoy. I thought to make this post as a kind of summary with the mistakes I made. It'll be sort of list "what a beginner can do wrong" :). I'll also be able to check one day if I improved my skills at all or keep repeating the same faults.

So here it is:

  1. maybe because of no expierence, maybe because I changed inch to cm but in the end the blocks weren't exactly the same. So, I had to cut some more than they should be
  2. definitely not enough safety pins to keep all the layers tightly. This is how it ends with folds:
  3. no expierence in moving such big fabric when sewing. The rubber gloves helped a lot but still the length of stitches varies
  4. some lines that should be straight were not so in fact...
But, when you don't look into such details it looks quite nice, what do you think :)?
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  1. I think it's beautiful! My first quilt also had many mistakes, but that's how you learn. Not that I have learnt from them yet!

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