Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lavender season - sachets

Recently, there's been lavender season in my garden. By now, I cut and dried all the flowers.

So, it's highest time to think of lavender sachets. I grabbed some fabrics with different shades of violet, I also found some ribbons in my stash. The white with pink border is the one that my mum gave me from her stash so it must have been bought years ago! It's nice feeling when I make something new out of something old that was waiting so long to be used.

At first I made the triangle sachets from this tutorial on Patchwork Posse blog. However, mine didn't come out that good - they are more "wonky triangles" kind :). Probably, one reason is that I used a bit bigger squares than in the tutorial. So, instead of triangles I decided to continue with standard square sachets.

Once I filled the bags with lavender I stitched it around with pearl cotton. Also, it's not seen on the photos but each side of the bag has different fabric.

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  1. Lovely! I've got lavender in my garden in the UK and you have inspited me to make some lavender bags as well. Best wishes, Pauline

  2. Thank you, Pauline. I love these flowers - they are gorgeous in the garden and quite useful when cut. I'm still making more bags (I have around 12 so far :)). Have fun making yours!


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