Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Felt Food - tasty start

For quite some time I wanted to try making felt food. I thought (and wasn't wrong :)) that this can be fun for both me and my son. Finally, recently I found some time to try this and used a little trick. I showed photos to my son and asked him: "Hey, Franio - do you want to have such for play? I can try and make these". Of course he was all for yes, so I had a good excuse I needed some time for myself and my sewing machine. The first thing we did - as he was helping me out as well, were the fried eggs, then I did carrots. And it is addicting - you try one and you want to try something else. So, the other day I continued with toasts/sandwiches, cheese and finally some dessert (doughnuts) for the end of a tasty meal.

Now, there's one minus - once I made all of this food I had to get rid of the box from my kitchen, as Franek needed something to store his food :).

Currently, I slowed down, as I need some more felt with different colors to make more stuff. I'm planning a short trip to the nearby town and do a little shopping. If it succeeds I'll work on the slice od tomato, corn, banana.....the list will be endless I guess.

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