Friday, May 21, 2010

This is about give-aways. No, I'm not going to offer one :(. I will one day I promise. But first I have to get the idea what I'd like to give and then I have to make it. This is about attending give-aways. I took part in a couple - in fact yesterday ended one big give-away party hosted by Sew Mama Sew. The drums are rolling now and I'm awaiting who is this lucky one (would it be me, please?). I don't know what's your rules in attending such events and if you have any at all, but as I was searching through the sites I realised I have a few.

First of all I only take part in those give-aways that I find interesting. Everyone has its own style and taste; what I find gorgeous others may dislike, what others love may be not so cool to me. I feel that if I took part in something I just don't adore for 100% I would only lessen the others' chances to win and in case I won it would not give me so much pleasure as for others.

Secondly, as I try more and more I see it's not so much about winning. It's more about sharing knowledge of each other. I know about lot more blogs and people than yesterday and it's so many more places for me to see somebody's talent, ideas and thoughts that may inspire me somehow. I've noted down a couple of blogs from around a crafty world and I guess it takes me some time to dig through them. It's a bunch of good lecture for evenings.

Thirdly will be about what give-aways I like. There are two types: in ones you may just write hello in the comment and you have a ticket to lottery. In others - and these are my favourite - you have to write something particular. It's much more joy for me if I can answer a question or give some adivce. In one of the give-aways a blogger was asking about some advice to occupy the time of three kids in an airplane (yes, that's tough). I answered with my first thought about some board games - that wasn't maybe brilliant, but I got email back a day later. I received a personal email!(wow that was nice) - she was saying that's a great idea. Most likely it was out of courtesy, but somebody took its time to answer me thanking for the advice.

Ok, that's it for give-aways. They are cool, they have positive energy so I'm going to take a look at them whenever I have a chance. And I will prepare one some day - after all it's not only about getting but also about giving, isn't it!

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