Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stitch magazine

Some time ago I was searching for embroidery magazines that could be a source of various embroidery projects and designs. The one that cought my eye was Stitch published by Embroiderers' Guild. It looked very promising on the website so I ordered 3 issues as a trial. The magazine passed the test and recently I ordered the latest one. To give you the idea of what's inside this magazine that I like here are some points:
  • a variety of projects for different embroidery types with detailed instructions and list of items needed to make the project
  • the projects are really stunning - they're beautiful and practical in the same time
  • each magazine contains books reviews. Books about embroidery of course
  • there are some ads, what here is in fact a plus for me. They all are about embroidery stuff, so I have even more hints on where to find what I'm looking for
If you ever feel you need something more than you can find on the Internet then you can try out Stitch. Or if you just want to stare at all these little, beautiful hande-made thigns then Stitch will be also fine:). Here is the the magazine website if you want to look.

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