Saturday, October 17, 2015

Family Craft Time - Holy Tree Wreath

Last Sunday, together with my husband we had a little crafty activity. For some time I wanted to try making grapevine wreath. I saw once the tutorial on how to make it and it looked easy peasy. Well, as it often turns out, I was trying to do exactly as it was shown and it didn't work this way. The branches were not so flexile as in the video and I had troubles to bend them the right way. Fortunately, I have a very smart man and he came out with his method of making wreath.

My part was to decorate it with something. We have a holly tree in our garden, so I decided to use it - after all, Christmas time is coming soon. This is how it turned out. So, I have my first very own wreath, perfect for Christmas time :).

And what a saving - I have nice decoration for zero spending!

If any of you has grapevines in the garden, then you have to try making wreath. I'll try on some more for sure, maybe next time using fabric for decoration.

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