Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Zig Zag Baby Quilt

Hello All!

For some time I've been working on baby quilt that I'm going to give to my first and only nephew :). He was born in December. Unfortunately, me and my son were sick (one time me the other him), so we couldn't go to visit my brother and his little baby. Hopefully, we'll go through the cold soon and will meet with them. Anyway, here's the gift I made for them.

I decided to make Zig Zag quilt as when I saw some on the Internet they look great for me. Here's the great tutorial I found at Bee Square Blog.

It measures 115x120cm (app.45x47inches). I wanted it to be colorful and chose green, blue, yellow and navy blue colors. I searched through some „baby” fabrics and used these:

blue colors: Aeronauts in Primary, Circle Toss in Earth from Robert Kaufman

green colors: Birds in Green, Baloons in Primary

yellow: Pinhead in Citrus

navy blue: Owl Be Your Friend in Earth from Robert Kaufman

green binding: Pinhead in Kiwi

For the back I bought flannel Itty Bitty Mosaic in Blue as it will be soft and cosy for little baby.

By the way I just noitced I haven't shown here the finished baby quilt I made for my son. So, here it is now.

This way I have two baby quilts made so far.

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