Tuesday, December 18, 2012

[WIP] long & short stitching part 2

I've been fighting with cold and illness for 2 weeks. And because of no good results I'm forced to stay at home for this week. And what can you do when you have to sit under the blanket all day? Yes,... you can catch up with blog writing :).

Today, I'll show you some photos with long&short stitching progress. Since the last time I showed it here, I did the outline for all 3 flowers, finished one petal and now I'm working on the second one.

To be honest, it goes so slowly because this embroidery intimidates me. I wanted to try it out and I do want to finish this project, but I'm afraid that I don't have the skills enough to learn it. It resembles painting to me, where you need that talent to choose right colors and match them in right way. I wasn't good at painting, so this one may be tough to me as well.

In Hardanger, which I did a couple so far, it is easy. You know exactly where the needle has to be put. Here I have to ponder for minutes sometimes, where to stitch and even when I decide I'm far from being sure it is right place. But I'm not giving up :).

Cheers and hopefully more progress soon :).

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  1. It looks beautiful so far! The important thing to remember is - if you finish a bit and don't like it, you can unpick it and start again! Really, don't be afraid, just do it!


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