Sunday, October 28, 2012

[WIP] long & short stitching

Recent months were hardly productive for me when it comes to stitching and sewing. There's no explanation to it other than - it's just how life goes on. Little duties here and there and after 3 months you realize time passes by and you forgot about the needle.

In July I wrote you here that I was going to learn long & short stitching. I started it a bit during my holidays in August and this is what I did so far. This post is a sign that I may continue working on this :). Today we had a first snow, it became quite cold - in general the weather encourages to stay at home. So, there is a chance my weekends will be occupied with stitching at least a bit.

I also have some plans for another baby quilt as my brother and his wife are expecting a baby in December. Unfortunately, my sewing machine got broke, so I need to have it repaired first.

Ok. Needle, where are you? Neeeedle?

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