Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trying to keep decent order

The chaos was sneaking more and more into my stitching & sewing stuff. It was so evil that each time I wanted to work on something, first I had to do a turn around all rooms in house to get everything in one place. And finally I said enough:). I could see on the internet quite a lot of boxes that would satisfy each embroiderer's needs to keep all the stuff in one neat place. Forunately the online polish shop where I buy frequently had some of them to choose. I bought 3 boxes where I can keep my threads, bobbins, scissors, cutters, needles and so forth. Yeah, I could do it for a long time... Anyway, they are made by Prym company that has a whole collection called: "click-box". The main idea is that you can buy multiple boxes of different sizes and they can be easily joined together, so you have everything you need together. The only thing I'm worried a bit is that this "clicking" mechanism may get worn out after some time of using. But we'll see. So far so good - the chaos had to move back to the corner of the closet. And I'm thinking of buying more - there are also boxes to keep mouline. I don't use it now, but I have some threads, so it would be nice to keep them in the place designed for them :).

Another story is where to keep my fabrics. I have some for embroidery and some for sewing, the trend is that this pile is getting bigger and bigger, so I will really need some place for this. My dream is to have my own sewing room - maybe something like one of these. Well, dreams :).

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