Monday, May 16, 2011

Mistakes happen

Recently I started new Hardanger embroidery, but a mistake happened. There is a lot of thread counting when you start hardanger, as you have to place the pattern somehow on the fabric. And I did it twice, made sure not to make a mistake...but I did. When I saw what was wrong, I only thought this couldn't go right, how the heck did I count those threads the first time? Here's something for you so you might say - how did she count those threads? The left side is the good one. Those squares should meet right as the navy blue line is. As you can see on the right side they obviously couldn't meet.
But, when you stitch you have to be veeery patient person - so am I. I calmly removed the threads and started all over again. Live.


  1. Oh wow, that really is frustrating! I'm not a patient person so maybe I'd better not try hardanger! It is hard to count threads though

  2. As a plus side I may tell it's hardest only at the beginning. Once you start correctly it gets better :).


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