Thursday, October 22, 2009

How the fascination began....

As the "big thing" is still in progress (yes, slowly but steadily the end is coming) I thought of doing some reminiscence. And maybe it's autumn time that makes me think about the past...Anyway here's my first hardanger thing I did: little bags for Go stones. It had to be small & simple, so I could get the grasp of hardanger embroidery. This was my first hardanger lesson and I did it quite well. Not to mention that Hardanger intrigued me so much that I sank deeeeeply in it. I have ongoing plans to try out some other types of emroidery, for example long and short stitch one, I even bought some books about them, but still when I have some free time I always find a new pattern or get a new idea to do it in hardanger.

Bags for Go stones - sounds like I wanted to boast about them. As a matter of fact they can be used to store anything, but in my case I did them exactly for what they're called. More or less in the time when I got a book to learn Hardanger my dear bought this game and we needed something to store the stones used for the game. The reason was perfect, so I took the needle and produced this piece.

Now, some details about the bags. As I wrote above they're quite small: 12cm wide, 15cm long (4,7inch / 6inch accordingly). The square hardanger pattern is about 4,5cm (1,8inch). The pattern consists of woven bars only (some of them are with picots), so it's a very good one to begin with. I also did holes for ribbon in hardanger.

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